I don’t think even I was ready for how many things I love the next AV cover entails. 

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The Crystal Gems win the ‘funnest weapons to paint’ award, hands-down. 

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Angelverse Volume 4 is up! Check it out here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JFP2ZFY

Please be warned: this volume contains implied sexual assault, the discussion of which is not handled well by the characters involved. 


It’s been quiet over here! Rest assured, I’m most definitely arting like MAD— y’allz have seen Angelverse come to fruition, now my own comic Godlings is coming together in a serious way, I got accepted to sell at Otakon this year, and now I’m officially doing ARTSY FARTSY for LEARNING. (As in I’m actually now in school for all this stuff.) 

SO HAVE A DUMP OF WIPS AND OTHER ARTSY EXPLOITS. <3 I’m much more able to be active regularly on Facebook, where I can post more WIPs and streams and things… so give my page a like if you want to keep up with my shenanigans, chat, hang out, etc.! 

Stay tuned— there’s a SHITLOAD in store as I start rolling out my products and comics and all those goodies! <3 

nothin’ like warming up with your favorite dead otp

(seriously though if alana and marko get a pulpy romance cover i don’t see why the stalk/the will can’t have one *grump grump* ) 


Angelverse Volume 3 is up on Amazon! Amazon Prime members can get it for FREE! Everyone else pays $0.99 cents, which is almost FREE! Get your copy here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ITWRY6O

Angelverse is a post-apocalyptic sci fi series set in the not-so-distant future. People scavenge through the remains of the past, hoping to find supplies that can get them through another day. But sometimes it’s the seemingly worthless things, like a box of spray cans, that can turn surviving into living.

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Whew! I’ve been laptop-less and crazy busy so this is late, but look! I’m not dead! More AV covers!

Actually, I’ve been posting a lot more on the Magga Draws facebook page— things like paintings, student work, and some WIPs! I could always use another ‘like,’ so go on over and click that button <3

Angelverse Volume 2 is now available!



Behold the beauty that is the cover of volume 2 of Angelverse. If you’d like to see what’s inside, you can get your copy at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IJYI3F8! It’s almost twice as long as volume 1 but still only $0.99! That’s a hell of a deal!

Angelverse is a post-apocalyptic sci fi series told through short stories, or episodes. This volume contains episodes 5 through 8.

If you missed volume 1, click here for more info.

AV volume 2 is up and y’allz should go get it— and not just because I illustrated the cover and the Muthallath are the most criminally attractive/loveable/fkdlsjfdjsa-inducing group of celestial siblings EVER.

Angelverse is now available for Amazon Kindle!



That’s right, I’m publishing AV on Amazon! Featuring cover art by Margaret Huey from Magga Draws, this volume contains the first four stories of Angelverse (roughly 50 pages) for only $0.99! Get your copy at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00I2HMIYE!

Over twenty years ago, a series of mysterious catastrophes called the Forty Day Plagues wiped out two-thirds of the world’s population. Powerful beings called Angels now walk the earth, the laws of nature are bending and breaking, children are gaining terrifying powers and no one has answers. 

Ace has only ever known the post-lypse world, an unforgiving wasteland where life is a daily battle against nature, the mysterious Angels, and the scattered remains of humanity. Far away, an empire is rising from the ashes, dedicated to wiping out all Angels. 

You should definitely check it out if you’re interested in reading about:

  • very pretty superpowered beings called Angels, the majority of whom are asexual
  • a WOC protagonist with dyslexia and a completely platonic friendship with the male protag
  • a tough but compassionate soldier battling clinical depression
  • queer romance
  • things exploding

And that’s just the first volume! Expect volume 2 in two weeks :)

I’m really tired so everything I try and say will come out as piddly-poop. But look! I’m illustrating a series — and a really fantastic series at that <3 Angelverse is a wonderful blend of plot and to me embodies genres I think we’re quickly losing sight of— speculative fiction and an adventure meant for everyone, seamlessly bound together in one hell of a ride.  The worldbuilding is some of the most innovative and thoughtful I’ve ever encountered, and it has been an honor to interpret it into visuals, and I’m looking forward to illustrating the covers for the rest of the series. <3 

I’ll be promoting AV at future convention appearances, but for now you can easily pick up Vol.1 for just ninety-nine cents on Amazon and join the post-lypsey love. It’s a wonderful place to be. :) 




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Knocking out some ideas while my brain’s still in gear. I’ve been wanting to try emulating traditional American tattoo style with super-ladies for a while now :)