Finished the illustrations for my Mega Evolution buttons! Someday I’ll get through all of them, but that day most certainly is not today. For now — let’s just get pumped over those new HOENN MEGAS MMMMMM YESS 

Come see me and Kurenai Kiba at Otakooooon! Table Q10 of the Artist Alley — smack dab in the middle :D 

I’ll have all sorts of prints, buttons, and other goodies, while Kurenai Kiba will have prints of her cosplay and awesome kanzashi flower accessories!!! GET EXCITED, GUYS. 

Lemme know you follow me over her on the tumblrnets and I’ll have a little gift for you guys <3 

I’ll delete this when I have the time/energy to make an image/photoset for each senshi but BEHOLD, THE STREET FASHION SENSHI ARE DONE. I can’t wait to get it printed!!! 

DC/Marvel Major Arcana4 / 36
XX. Judgement :Natasha Romanoff, Black Widow
The Judgement Card represents resurrection; attached keywords include forgiveness, absolution, and redemption..


DC/Marvel Major Arcana : 3 / 36
XIV. Temperance  : Steve Rogers, Captain America
When Temperance appears, it is a warning or invitation to be prepared for a confrontation with the deepest questions of who we are, who we think we are, and who we will become.

DC/Marvel Major Arcana2 / 36
VII. Chariot : Sam Wilson, the Falcon
The Chariot card may be characterized as that of conquest. It represents a battle that can be won if the Querent has the willpower for it. The battle is usually an external one, with a clear goal and plan of action. Qualities needed to win the battle include self-reliance, righteousness, conviction and plain hard work..

Fandom Muses: Cosplay

The muse of Cosplay, who smiles on you whether you are at the planning, making, or panicking stages of your cosplay; who gives you strength on your late-night dashes to finish before the con; who cares not for your size or skin color or skill level, just that you exercise your creativity and love for the craft.

Poppies for consolation (especially as you nurse the latest burn from your gluegun), and alstroemeria for your loftiest aspirations and ambitions.

Fandom Muses: Fanfic

The muse of Fanfiction, who presides over building our favorite worlds to new depths and levels; the search for and growing of the perfect lemon; the satisfaction you gave your comrades those ever-elusive “feels.”

Pansies for loving thoughts - for your audience, for the characters, for those franchises that inspire you - and lemon trees for …. well, you know.

Fandom Muses: Fanart

The muse of Fanart, guardian of doodles on loose-leaf lined paper during bored class hours; of endless anguish perfecting anatomy, composition, and color; of the glorious satisfaction when someone sees your piece and says “wow.”

Hydrangeas for persistence, and sunflowers for adoration, both your own - for the art, for the characters, for whatever it is that makes you draw - and that you deserve for perfecting your art.