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Deadpool would be the master of the ad and nobody can convince me otherwise. 

This is MAD OLD — like, a year old — and an entry into a WeLoveFine contest! It fared pretty okay, all things considered. I’m hoping I can find some time to redo it before the end of the year ;D  


PROTIP: Fucking double-knot your shoes, kiddies. Anticipate those allosaurus attacks! DO YOUR PART TO NOT PISS OFF YOUR COMRADE YOU DEPEND ON FOR ASS-SAVING.

(Also: for now, definitely sticking to every other Tuesday for new pages, or at least until my comic-fu improves and I start to work faster. WHAT, SCHOOL TAKES UP TIME.) 


/ineffectual homer simpson whisper

Have a drippy transparent Goodra heart for your blog! :3c 

Sailor Moon street fashion 8DDD 

I tailored each outfit to suit each senshi and stretch my own fashion/styling comfort zones, and ngl, kind of enamoured with the results. (If anyone can name all the keys I hid in Sestuna’s poncho I may have to bow down and/or declare em NEW BEST FRIEND. ) 

Fandom MusesFanfic 

The muse of Fanfiction, who presides over building our favorite worlds to new depths and levels; the search for and growing of the perfect lemon; the satisfaction you gave your comrades those ever-elusive “feels.” Pansies for loving thoughts - for your audience, for the characters, for those franchises that inspire you - and lemon trees for … well, you know.

Fandom MusesFanart 

The muse of Fanart, guardian of doodles on loose-leaf lined paper during bored class hours; of endless anguish perfecting anatomy, composition, and color; of the glorious satisfaction when someone sees your piece and says “wow.”

Hydrangeas for persistence, and sunflowers for adoration, both your own - for the art, for the characters, for whatever it is that makes you draw - and that you deserve for perfecting your art.

Fandom MusesCosplay 

The muse of Cosplay, who smiles on you whether you are at the planning, making, or panicking stages of your cosplay; who gives you strength on your late-night dashes to finish before the con; who cares not for your size or skin color or skill level, just that you exercise your creativity and love for the craft.

Poppies for consolation (especially as you nurse the latest burn from your gluegun), and alstroemeria for your loftiest aspirations and ambitions.


(here’s a hint: it’s over here and it’s my heart and soul on a digital comic platter and you should totally follow it ;D ) 

she-is-clothed-in-strength said:

How do I get this on a shirt my word?

Heeee, I’m so glad you’d like it on a shirt! Actually, I’ve had quite a few requests and I’m looking into printing options outside of…well, iron-on transfers I do myself :P There’s a few I’m looking into, but the quickest way will most likely be through my Society6 page. I’m going to go ahead and upload a metric butt-ton of my artwork there (including moon prism murderers!) so folks can get prints, shirts, and other products with the artwork. 

I’ll make a post when I update my shop! Hopefully I’ll have time to do so within the next week, but ohmigosh there’s so much to do right now. Either way, I can’t wait!